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Whether you’re facing a law suit or filing one, hiring a competent attorney to represent you in court is imperative to the success of your case. Don’t risk a bad outcome by attempting to represent yourself—the professional legal team at Montgomery Law Firm, PLLC is here to assist you with all your legal needs.

Montgomery Law Practice Areas:

Business & Employment Law, Personal Injury & Estate Planning

-Employment Law (EEOC claims|wrongful termination|discrimination|unemployment hearings|severance negotiations)
-Personal Injury Law (insurance claims|automobile accidents)
-Business Law (civil litigation|contract formation and review|business formation|dispute resolution/trademark|business strategy)<
-Estate Planning (wills|trusts|power of attorney|healthcare power of attorney| secure document storage)
-Fashion Law (strategic fashion planning & development, seminars on issues of interest to fashion community, fashion employment practices, fashion trademark licensing)

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