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Business Law Attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina

Get the Best Representation for Your Small Business with The Montgomery Law Firm

With the demands placed on today’s small businesses, an experienced, steady advocate is needed in the marketplace, as well as the workplace. As a small business owner, Mr. Montgomery is dedicated to providing effective representation to small businesses and to avoid the “pitfalls” that plague so many of today’s entrepreneurs. Our firm helps to advise and direct:

  • Corporations

  • Limited liability companies

  • Partnerships

  • Sole proprietorships

Our firm offers extensive advice in determining and implementing the proper business entity, assisting with personnel administration, and evaluating the present and future financial implications of those business decisions.

Don't Start Your Business Without Legal Guidance

We Prepare a Large Number of Legal Documents, Including:

  • Articles of incorporation

  • Buy-sell agreements

  • Employment, severance and non-compete agreements

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