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I'm Shutting Down My Firm!

Dec. 21, 2015

Dear Clients, Friends, Family and Fans of the 14-0 Carolina Panthers:

On a daily basis, our law firm fields numerous phone calls from potential clients who want my 25 years of experience "for free"! I could provide this service at a risk of having to shut down my firm because these calls are never ending. W hy do I have to pay for a consultation with Mr. Montgomery? Big personal injury firms with catchy ads frequently advertise on television "we don't get paid, unless you get paid". Unfortunately, many people attribute this information to the way all attorneys are compensated.

Here are some key pointers to keep in mind when hiring and paying an attorney:

1. All cases are not handled like personal injury matters and most cases don't involve an insurance company backing the potential claim.

2. While some firms choose to charge for consultations and some do not, here at The Montgomery Law Firm, what you are paying for in a consultation is a combination of my 25 years of competent experience covering large law firm practice, corporate practice and private law firm practice that I have engaged in during this time. I have worked for one of the largest law firms in the state of Michigan, several Fortune 500 companies and for bragging rights, I was an attorney for the founder of the Carolina Panthers when he owned one of the largest food service companies in North America!

3. You get what you pay for (yep, I'm going there) Our consultation process involves document review, legal research and analysis of potential claims before meeting with our firm. Ask the law firms that provide free consultations what is included in that "free" consultation... cause "free ain't free".

Call The Montgomery Law Firm for your next (paid) consultation. Be sure to include us on your holiday wish list. Contact us today at (704) 312-7360!

Happy Holidays from The Montgomery Law Firm!

Q & A with Eric A. Montgomery, Esq.

Q: Can a case be brought against a company under the Fair Labor Standards Act for unpaid overtime on behalf of a deceased employee? Or does the employee have to bring the case themselves, and all rights against the employer are lost at their death?

A: There have been cases that support the position that claims based upon the Fair Labor Standards Act survive the employee's death and a surviving spouse has the right to assert those claims, as long as they are not time barred.

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