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Why 8 is Great!

Nov. 7, 2016

Take Action!

Every four years we the people decide what person will become the chief representative of our country and of our state. We also make decisions as to who will sit on judicial benches, who will become federal and state legislators, and who will serve as city council members and county commissioners. We also vote to decide on whether to tax ourselves and whether to create bonds to pay for programs to better our communities. With all of the important events and things that are associated with voting, it is incomprehensible when I hear people say they are not going to vote.

The founders of this country established a Democracy to ensure that the will of the people prevails and not the whims of a person/dictator, or emperor. As a history buff, I often use information that is right in front of us to highlight this issue. There are 27 amendments to the US Constitution...eight of the amendments or 30% of them address voting issues. This fact alone should make everyone "wake up" and go vote. Exercise your right, fulfill the meaning of a democratic society and help change the landscape for a brighter future.

Click below for the list...

8 US Constitutional Amendments on Voting Rights

- #OneCharlotte!

(Photo - President Obama with Montgomery children - 2014)

Q: I am going to vote for the first time on Tuesday. Will I need to present my drivers license or some type of photo ID when I go to my voting precinct?

A: No. There was an attempt to change the laws by requiring one to show a photo ID when voting. The courts struck that provision down. The board of elections will verify your identification through a series of questions to authenticate you and your vote.

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