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The Power List for 2016

Dec. 28, 2015

Dear Clients, Friends, Family and Fans of the 14-1 Carolina Panthers:

Despite the Panthers loss yesterday, the team will gain valuable lessons from the game that will make for a great playoff run! Likewise, the Power List for 2016 is a short compilation of lessons learned from client interactions that will make for a successful new year that I call "7 Keys for Success from The Monday Morning Lawyer"!

1.Form your LLC while you still have a job. (You decide when its time to leave your good corporate job);

2.Put together an estate plan...immediately! (my parents' generation deserve a standing ovation for understanding the importance of this!);

3.Create a will and store the original document in a safe, fireproof/waterproof location like The Montgomery Law Firm (Call us today to store your original will);

4.Don't be afraid to hire an attorney...we can spare your heartache (Our new product, ULX allows us to "meet clients where they are" with our flat rate billing);

5."Do you" - Attend a Tedx Talk or read a new book (ideas are the currency of the 21st century);

6.Purchase life insurance (stop relying on gofundme.com to take care of your family at the death of a loved one); and

7.Purchase our book, "Monday Morning Lawyer" so that you can understand your rights as an employee. (release early 2016).

Call The Montgomery Law Firm for your next consultation. Be sure to include us in your New Year's Resolution. Contact us today at (704) 312-7360! Happy New Year from The Montgomery Law Firm!

Q & A with Eric A. Montgomery, Esq.

Q: My father had his will prepared 10 years ago and now that he has passed away, we cannot find the original will. Will the court allow a copy to be probated?

A: As a general rule, only the original will can be probated in court. A probate court presumes that a will has been revoked if the original cannot be produced. In limited circumstances a copy might be accepted but it is not a guarantee.

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