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Who Will Get Your Lil Red Corvette?

May 2, 2016

Dear Hornet Fans, Prince Fans, Clients, Friends and Family:

(Photo from one of the firm's will clinics in 2013)

Congratulations to the Hornets for their best season in a very long time! Last week we paid tribute to Prince upon his untimely death. However, his passing has brought back to the forefront an important issue discussed in one of our December newsletters - the importance of having a will.

"I'm not your lover, I'm not your friend, I am something that you will never comprehend" - but I am your attorney and you need a will! Apparently, Prince died without a will. He joins a long cast of successful and wealthy people like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Howard Hughes and Sonny Bono to have personal and financial success in their lifetime only to die without protecting their estate and loved ones after they died. Sources indicate the following:

  • Only 41% of baby boomers have a will;

  • Only 32% of African-Americans have a will; and

  • Only 26% of Latinos have a will.

What does this mean? Many people will continue to pass away and not protect their legacy for their loved ones. I met with a client last week to update his estate plan following his father's recent passing. Our firm finalized his father's estate plan before he died and my client rejoiced that because his affairs were in order, it truly simplified the process! Because of the positive experience, he came back to the firm to ensure his estate plan was complete. Contact us today to get your will prepared. As an incentive we are offering the following for a limited time only:

The first 20 readers to contact our firm we will prepare a Simple Will for $250!

Click on this link to get started!

This will not last long so call us today or send an email to info@theMLawFirm.com to make an appointment!

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Q & A with Eric A. Montgomery, Esq.

Q: If one dies without a will, how does a family member handle their legal affairs?

A: When a person dies without a will, it is called "Intestate". If this should happen, a family member must go the clerk of court for the county in which the person lived to meet and start the process. If you have a will the process is called "Testate". Having a will simplifies the estate administration process. C all us at The Montgomery Law Firm if you need to have important estate matters handled.

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