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You Can Call It This or You Can Call It That

April 11, 2016

Dear Panther Fans, Clients, Friends and Family!

The Carolina Panthers (can you tell I am a Panthers Fan?!) are about to start gearing up and practicing for the upcoming 2016 season! Just like the Panthers, we here at The Montgomery Law Firm are gearing up to launch our first book, "Monday Morning Lawyer: 11 Things an Employee Should Know About Employment Law." As a teaser, we are providing an excerpt from the book to give you an idea about the great information to be released -

Right to Work

"Do I have the legal right to work at my job without being required to join a union and/or pay union dues?"

Often when I meet with potential clients, they refer to the employment-at-will concept and mistakenly call it "right to work". In very plain terms, the tenet of "right to work" means that employees have the right to work in a particular state without being required to join a labor union or pay fees to a union to become an employee.

Right to Work laws were passed many years ago by state legislators as a way to limit labor unions setting up shops in companies located in their states. Many southern states created these laws in the late 1940s and 1950s with the intention of slowing, and possibly preventing, labor unions from organizing. About 24 U.S. states have passed laws of this nature.

Over the years, since union organizing has slowed down and you don't hear much about their efforts, the terms "right to work" and "employment at will" have been lumped together, with people confusing their respective meanings. However, right-to-work laws deal with union membership and not the employment-at-will status.

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